Struggle Bus, Population: Me

I’ve made it not even a whole week and I’m ready to cry in a corner with my teddy bear. This gig is brutal. Everyone has said that the first week is the worst. I’m not so sure.

Despite the marathonian work day, I like working here. The people are great and they all have made an effort to make me feel welcome. If they hadn’t I’d probably be home right now sniffing…I mean cuddling my cat.

Lego has adjusted well to his new life of lush grass and deeply bedded straw. He even got up to his old tricks this morning and pulled several sections of fence down. I was very pleased to fix them because I didn’t have nearly enough to do. So I turned the electric on and he shocked his nose. It made me chuckle. I’m off to the store tomorrow to buy some posts to fortify the perimeter with high voltage. That should fix his little red wagon.

That’s what he gets for making me spend my day off driving posts.

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