Tears, Hip Hop, and Salsa

So I’m now three weeks into this epic journey. I thought by this point I would have settled into my role here. Unfortunately that is not quite the case.

For someone who eschews all forms of emotions, these past few weeks have been worse than a roller coaster. More like an emotional sky dive.

I usually cry about once or twice a year. I have cried basically everyday I’ve been here. It’s thrown me way off schedule. If you assume everyone has a finite number of crys in them, I should be done for the rest of my life after I’m done here.

I told Ashley, barn manager extraordinaire, about my uncontrollable tears. And she told me to calm down. I’ve been trying too hard to get into the swing. So I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

I am learning new things from my emotional distress though. For instance, I’ve found that when I’m angry and upset rap songs help a lot. The cruder, the better. Something about foul language just soothes the bloodthirsty monster within. My personal favorite is “Ninjas” in Paris. I’m just glad I was the only one at the barn when I pretended to be Jay-Z for an hour.

Lego is doing all right. It seems that he is a loner. He likes the other horses, but mostly he just hangs on his own. We’re rather similar in that sense.

He still comes up to me when I whistle. That’s one of my favorite parts about him. It really makes me feel like I swallowed a kitten when he whinnies and trots up to me. On days where everything possible has gone wrong, it’s nice to know that at least little Stumpy still loves me. Or maybe just the treats I give him.

As for my off the farm adventures, I went to a starter horse trial (that’s a one-day event that only has the lower levels), and I watched Jane ride in a clinic with Linda Zang.

The starter trial went well. I loved it. I didn’t have to clean stalls beforehand, and I kept doing different things all day. I think I must have ADHD because I am much happier when there are several things I am keeping track of. If I get stuck doing something for more than an hour or so I get bored. So running back and forth like a crazy person, tacking, washing, and videoing horses was great. I just wished I brought more socks. I had raisin feet by the end of the day.

I learned some things from the Linda Zang clinic. The biggest thing I learned is that I need to own several cookie companies. Iron Springs Farm is beautiful. I want one.

I chatted with Linda about forest fires for a bit in between Jane’s sessions. She was very straight forward about what she wanted from Jane and the horse, and the session went very well.

One of my favorite things about Jane is that she wants to learn more. I’ve always felt like you can never know everything about horses, and Jane believes that too. That’s one of the things that made me want to come work with her in the first place.

In other news, Jane sold a horse last week. JJ is a super cool super relaxed Thoroughbred. A bit like Lego, but bigger, fancier, and more trained. The sale means that we get a new coco mat and tacos at Victory courtesy of JJ. Victory is a brewery with delicious locally sourced food. They brew their own beer. If you’re into that sort of thing. It’s good. But the food is better. Mondays they have “Taco to meet you” which means you can get an awesome taco dinner for five bucks. And they have salsa.

For anyone unfamiliar, salsa is my lifeblood. Michael Westen loves yogurt; I love salsa. And Victory’s salsa is great. The only complaint I have is that they never give you enough. Of course there may not be enough salsa in the whole of creation for me.

And that’s the burden I have to live with so much time so little salsa.


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