The Law of Increasing Entropy

I’m slowly learning that life does not stay organized for long. Never did I think that Chemistry class would apply in real life.

But it’s true. You put things away and they always seem to make it back out. And as the law says you must add energy to the system to make it more ordered. And this doesn’t apply to just the physical world.

When I got here I had a ton of energy (Mental energy, physically I was an absolute mess. I still sort of am.) and I got a lot of things done. When I got home I unpacked, I cooked, I washed dishes, I did laundry. All the sorts of civilized things that normal people do. And I felt great about it. I felt like I had reached a new point in my life where I would stop procrastinating and sail through life doing things when they needed to be done.

Most days I live in a fantasy world. I had salsa for dinner last night. And I sat it my room writing all night. If I’d had Internet access, I probably would’ve looked at pictures of cats and videos of British quiz shows all night. I didn’t want to do anything other than veg. But I guess you must do that sometimes.

I have to make an effort to get done the things that I want to. But I guess that’s what make life interesting. The hard bits. The lazy bits. The bits where you want to shoot yourself for not taking care of something sooner. Those bits make the good bits more meaningful. If I were organized I would long for the freedom to fly by the seat of my pants. The brunettes want greener grass than the blondes or something like that.

So I’ll just have to remember to save some energy for organization, else wise my life will tear itself apart and dissolve into the void. And that sounds painful.

On a side note: I’m going to clone Clover put a copy of Lego’s brain in the clone body and name it Smooth Criminal. But I want the horse to be black and a gelding…And shorter.

One thought on “The Law of Increasing Entropy

  1. Heheh. I want Clover with a Lego-type brain too. That’d be swell. Although I’d rather have Rocky with a Rocky brain. Maybe a touch more of Clover’s athleticism and her soundness, although her feet still suck. And can I tell you a story? Richard has seen her, I think something like, 8 weeks out of the last 10-11? So, yeah. Poor Richard. I need to get him some beer.

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