Fair Hill Fun

Lego and I are showing at Fair Hill on the 14th. Next Saturday. If anyone wants to drive several hours on Saturday. You’ll get to see me running around like the crazy person I am. Bring me some salsa and I’ll love you forever.

3 thoughts on “Fair Hill Fun

  1. I like your cloning idea from your last post, along with your revelations. If I wasn’t working, I would bring you salsa, bacon cheese fries, and all the other foods you wanted. You and Lego do good, and hang in there until I can see you again!

  2. I really want to come up on Saturday! I have yet to go to Fair Hill! Unfortunately I’m short on gas money right now and that’s really far away. :/ Merp. Also. I need to come visit you sometime. I can be free labour. I’m real good at cleaning stalls. ;] And I’m also real good at sleeping on strange floors. #commuterlife

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