Getting Pumped

So, Fair Hill is this weekend. I’m pretty excited. Lego and I are going to rock it out.

I’m a little worried that Jane might psyche me out though. I’m usually really chill about going and showing. My big philosophy is shows should be fun, not stressful.  If I haven’t learned whatever skill I need by the week before the show, it’s not going to be there for the show. And that’s fine. I can just relax and let me and my horse do the best we can.

But, Jane is a horse professional, so she puts a lot of value on doing well at competitions. She’s been trying to make sure that I’m going to remember these little details at the show. “Do you know your dressage figures?” “Don’t forget your course?” Little comments like these have been popping up all week. If I think about them too much I’m going to do poorly. She putting the pressure on me to try and do well. I believe it’s a little lesson in not cracking under pressure.

But I refuse to get stage fright. I will not let her get to me. So I’ve been just letting her comments roll over me like water. She’s only know me a month, and she’s never seen me show. And I keep thinking back to Olde Hope where I walked the cross country course once and the show jumping course exactly zero times. And yet I seemed to remember it just fine. And I believe I did not walk the cross country at Seneca Valley at all. That one worked out alright too.

And I’m ignoring all the helpful people offering the not helpful “it’s so easy to go off course.” I know that I’ve gone off course before. But you know what else is easy going on course. I’ve done Bobby’s jumper shows where we go table II 2b. You have to know the course and the jump off both. I’ve done ring crew where I’ve memorized all the courses. I’ve got this. Plus these course have numbers and flags. If I go off course I’m going to laugh. Because it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

So on Saturday, I’m going to put a little bubble around Lego and I. We are going to be the only two things on the planet that matter. And we are going to do our best and have a blast because that is what this is about. We are awesome and we’re going to do great. And it helps that I’ll have people there who will laugh with me, if I go off course.

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