How’s This for Crazy?

I feel like I’m a box of cats.

Go with me on this.

I’m a cardboard box. The cats are my emotions. Now when everything goes well the cats are happy and content sleeping in the box.

But lately the cats haven’t been getting what they need. And they get a bit testy.

Right now, I’m very homesick. So family time is like food for the cats. It’s not so bad when I’ve been away for a while because then the cats are weak from hunger and they just can’t fight the box so much. But, then I go home and feed them and all of a sudden they have the strength to fight to escape. It almost makes me consider not coming home.

There are other things that can tip the odds in the cats’ favor. Like exhaustion. Exhaustion is like getting the box wet. And then the cats can claw their way out of the wet cardboard like it’s…wet cardboard.

The moral of the story is I cried a lot today. And not for any good reason other than I was really really tired. I need to work more naps into my life.


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