The Naming of Horses

I think I have a problem. With names.

I confuse people because I call Lego, Stumpy. In fact, the horse has three names. Lego is his barn name, the one I expect everyone else to use. Stumpy and variations there of (Stumpness, Stumperton, McStumpy-Stump-Stump) are the names I use daily. And, I call him Sasquatch when he’s bad. So I guess his full name would have to be Lego Stumpy McSasquatch. It’s too early to say what that has done to his self esteem.

I actually do this a lot, but it’s only been this bad once before. I rode a pony named Gambler for a year in high school. I called him Gambler when I was talking about him to other people, J.D.(Juvenile Deliquent) out in the field, and Monkey Boy when I was working with him. I don’t know why. He now regularly bucks children off though. I hope that not a preview for what Lego is going to be like in a few years.

I still call the yearling that I showed in hand Little Down Syndrome still. I didn’t start that name. Although encouraging it is just as bad. I may have had something to do with deciding to call his counterpart Shaken Baby Syndrome. It’s no wonder these ponies have issues.

Butter was Butterball Turkey. Lucky had a cute rhyming moniker that my friend Amy came up with. But I won’t repeat it here because…cuss words.

I’m not happy calling a horse by its real name. It probably stems from my deep psychological need to be unique. Unique

I’m not really worried about it though because Lego stills whinnies to me whether I call him Lego, Stumpy, or even You Little A******.


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