Snow Day Musings

Some days I wonder if I’m crazy. Other days, I know I am.

Saint Mary’s County was closed today because of the snow we got from winter storm Janus. Schools were closed. The county offices were closed. Even the Naval base eventually closed to all but critical employees. The roads sucked. There were warnings about the wind chill and extreme cold temperatures. All sane people were inside wearing sweatpants and drinking hot beverages.

I was outside chopping ice out of water troughs.

We had to take special precautions to prepare for the cold last night. We filled all of the water troughs to the brim because we expected some of the pumps to freeze. We blanketed a lot of the horses. We put several of them in the barn for the night. And everyone else we loaded up with an all you can eat buffet of hay. The ponies were rather comfortable last night despite the weather.

Unfortunately, the troughs did not fare so well. We don’t have any heaters for the water troughs because they only freeze about two week out of the year. So we take care of ice the old fashioned way. With an axe and a pitchfork. I think I could have a second career as an ice demolisher (if that’s a thing) because nothing is more satisfying than dropping a big ol’ piece of ice and watching it shatter. The noise the bits make as they skitter across the icy ground is a symphony of winter joy.

The Stump was not very impressed with the winter symphony when we took him out this morning. He preferred to hear himself munching on some hay. So much that he tried to hide in the back corner of his stall, like he was hoping the teacher wouldn’t call on him. But his legs were stocked up, and I needed to clean his stall. So he got to enjoy his snow day outside.

For some people, snow days mean a relaxing day off. For horse people it means more work. Frannie and I finished up the afternoon hay as dusk was setting in. We saw some beautiful colors in the sky. I wished I’d had a camera. I would paper may wall with the panorama around the treeline of the farm.

We also saw some beautiful colors on my horse after I put the Frannie’s orange sleezy on him. He looked like a Ninja Turtle with his orange stretch hood and green blanket. I’ll have to start calling him Michelangelo. It’s a bit classier than Teenage Mutant Ninja Stump.



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